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On December 21, 2018, the company that provides marketing and shipping services to Dysfunctional Veterans received a search warrant from an officer from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The Search Warrant was signed by a Magisterial District Judge in the County of Dauphin. (see the Warrant and Affidavit of Probable Cause below)

The Search Warrant alleges that the purchaser of a BAG OF DICKS violated harassment laws in PA when they ordered for the BAG OF DICKS to be sent to the recipient.

Dysfunctional Veterans takes our customers privacy very seriously. We do not sell the private information of our customers, nor do we turn the same over to any party unless we are compelled to by a court of competent jurisdiction. With that said, we DO NOT condone the purchasing and/or sending of ANY product available in our store to be sent for the purposes of harassing any individual, especially in cases of domestic violence.

Our lawyers are reviewing the above mentioned search warrant and are determining our legal obligations to comply with it. As you can imagine, the cost of attorneys is high. We have added an option for you to contribute to our legal defense fund when you order a BAG OF DICKS. You are not obliged to give, but can do so.

As always, you can ANONYMOUSLY send a BAG OF DICKS by clicking here!